Abdelmalek CHETTA

Co-owner / Board Member of Itihad.group

Meet the Team

When ITihad was founded 20 years ago, we envisioned building a community where talented founders could meet within the same space to discuss groundbreaking startup ideas that they could turn into successful ventures. We quickly realized it was much more than that. Although each program lasts a few months, anyone who participates in our Startup Accelerator automatically becomes a lifelong member of a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. With an exceptional track record and a deep understanding of innovation, our goal is to find and empower talented founders around Algeria to transform each present constraint into an opportunity and thus initiate a virtuous circle of local development with strong synergy

Abdelouaheb Gaoua

Head of the company of ITsolution

Vice président du GAAN Groupement Algérien des acteurs du numérique