How Can We Help You?

Acceleration of business development

  • Connecting with potential customers: having an attentive ear to what you offer can be complex, because often customers are approached several times a week, if not on the same day, Because of its presence in the professional landscape, Itihad offers you this opportunity to be listened, to reach out-of-reach targets and to promote your project to customers.
  • Support for the development of the business strategy: launch its freemium application in the same way as Dropbox to give an overview and charge for all the features, a subscription model like Netflix for a continuous and stable income or a Peer to Peer business like Yassir to minimize your costs, focus on B2B or favor B2C?
  • Support for the development of the business strategy:with the help of Dypix, one of our poles, who worked on the digital strategy with strong clients such as Robisan, Ooredoo, Techno, Gb Inox and more. This communication and marketing power will be at your disposal. Provision of a network of portals, websites, and social networking pages that reach millions of users per month
Acceleration of Learning
  • Comprehensive coaching program covering all aspects related to business strategy, technological choices, technical architecture and pricing policies: Overall this consists in giving you a maximum of tools to move in the right direction, with 5 clusters and start-ups set up by Itihad, we are able to offer you an understanding of the entrepreneurial field in order to make the right marketing choices, choose the most appropriate technology and architecture for your project and finally how to establish an economic model for quick and efficient profitability.
  • Networking with other project promoters, investors, solution architects and business experts: one business process expert, another in the cloud infrastructure, experienced application developers, etc... Itihad has various and varied skills that can meet a wide range of needs in order to facilitate the development of your project but also to be able to exchange with investors and other enthusiastic young entrepreneurs.
  • Access to the most popular online training platforms:Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare.
Acceleration of funding
  • Direct financial contribution in case of need: if your project is stuck due to lack of capital, that it lacks the last small brick for it to see the light of day and be functional, Itihad will help you to pass this step.
  • Reducing the need for financing by supporting infrastructures and support activities: We provide logistical and technical advantages to reduce your costs, offices, a cloud platform, an administrative team and a marketing team.
  • Support for the execution of a Bootstrapping strategy and project funding where feasible.
  • Access to a network of suppliers offering advantageous terms: if you have a product, we will put you in contact for the purchase of raw material at reduced prices.