Our Subsidiaries.


IT Solutions is an IT engineering services company with high added value, we provide you with a set of skills and experts, for the deployment, control and optimization of your IT systems.


A suite of integrated management software packages, composed of a set of technological tools and complementary services whose purpose is to harmonize and streamline your company's management operations.

INSIDJAM tools are all based on open and robust technologies, pre-designed to optimally support local management practices and various sectorial issues


Industrie 4.0 in the Box, Enabling local SMB to compete globally using Industry 4.0 technologies

  • Maestro MES : lightweight discrete manufacturing execution layer with RFID tracking
  • Maestro Cloud4 : Centralized configuration and monitoring of all the industrial network. Data forwarding, dashboarding, IA anomaly detection, prediction,…
  • Maestro Appliance : Intelligent device able to prepare dumb machines for the fourth industrial revolution. Including up to 8 sensors
  • Maestro Crafter : 6 ODF robot with intelligent camera for operations & training /10kg-100cm
  • Maestro Crafter Move : Intelligent mobile socle able to move in warehouses & plants. Obstacle avoidance & line flowing. Up to 100 kg payload


Infrastructure as service for Business Critical Applications

  • Micro services architecture.
  • Autonomous Deployment, scaling and management services solutions with Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Container-based infrastructure security, supervision and monitoring solutions.
  • Excellent feedback from operating a large cloud infrastructure hosting our own SaaS application for more than 15 years.
  • Long experience in the Linux & Open source especially.


Dypix is a digital marketing agency providing to its customers modern websites as well as mobile applications with precious advice concerning communication strategy accross social medias with expertise in content marketing, SEO optimization and online advertising.


Charikatec is a single interface where companies can monitor all their services, with an easy to use website builder that helps owners manage easily through a CRM all their orders.

It handles the hiring, buying and selling in a single administration console, while automatically sharing them across social media and traditional platforms to provide an optimum visibility.

Charikatec also provides a set of collaboration tool every company need (email, drive, team agenda, visio …etc).


Fibladi is an online newspaper known accross all the country that helps creating and monetizing content :

statistics :

  • Up to 5 Million visitors / month in Algeria,
  • More than 12 Millions pages seen / month,
  • More than 5 Millions fans,
  • More than 50 Million views on posts / month,
  • More than 40 Million interactions / month (Likes, comments & shares).


Business network

  • Manage your team's digital business card, individually or as a group.
  • Capture contact & leads for the entire team using QR codes, spinet NFC, physical Business card scanning & OCR
  • Understand your team's performance and discover new data
  • Let them know what they are doing, through gamification
  • Lead forward to leading CRM