The ITihad Accelerator
where African talents are united


Today, at the dawn of a second industrial revolution disrupting behaviors and consumption patterns, the time is ideal and propitious to join forces, share our passions, exchange our ideas around a common goal : development of our continent. It is with this in mind that Itihad makes its accelerator available to you, our convictions are as follows: technology and innovation are the engines of change and local development, Africa will only shine and be developed by passionate Africans in the service of their compatriots, finally we strongly believe that any constraint present is an opportunity for development and creation of innovative technology.

What we offer.

As part of its mission as an innovation accelerator, the Itihad Group provides personalized support to project leaders in the following areas:

business development

  • Connecting with prospects and a wide network of partners professionals and investors.
  • Support the development of the business strategy and the business model.
  • Support and coordinate the execution of the communication and promotion strategy.
  • Provision of a network of portals, websites, and social networking pages that reach millions of users per month.

coaching & mentoring

  • Comprehensive coaching program covering all aspects related to business strategy, technological choices, technical architecture, and pricing policies.
  • Networking with other founders, investors, solution architects, and business experts.
  • Access to the most popular online training platforms.

financial support

  • Direct financial contribution in case of need.
  • Reduction of the need for financing through support infrastructure and activities: offices and logistics, cloud platform, administrative team, and marketing team.
  • Reduction of the funding cycle by covering software development costs up to the first model.
  • Support for the execution of a bootstrapping strategy and project funding where possible.
  • Access to a network of suppliers offering advantageous terms.
ITihad shows interest in the selection of project leaders in the fields of data sciences, Internet of Things and micro-services

Entry criteria

Each program has specific requirements, but generally, the teams that are chosen fit the profile below.

  • Deeply technical, preferably leveraging technologies like Machine Learning and AI
  • Demonstrating traction, ideally between Seed and Series A stage
  • Building a scalable product or service with a significant total addressable market and defensible growth model

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