Who are we
and what do
we stand for ?

Today, at the dawn of a second industrial revolution or industry 4.0, the moment is ideal and propitious to unite our forces, to share our passions, exchange ideas around a common goal for the development of our continent.

It is with this in mind that Itihad puts its accelerator at your disposal, our convictions are that technology and innovation are the drivers of change and local development, Africa will shine and will be developed only by passionate Africans at the service of their compatriots, and finally we strongly believe that any present constraint is an opportunity for development and creation of innovative technology.

Faced with the uncertainties that surround the entrepreneurial context, the market and the obstacles, some obvious, and others that can only be defined after the fact, often once your nose is inside, we offer a stable development environment, support on several aspects in terms of advice, finance, and commercial strategy broken down into clear objectives to generate added value and optimally enhance the project.



An example that you may know is ARDK, a strong graphic talent and a pronounced taste in clothing with a strong local culture, embodies this brand which has been present many times at the biggest national fashion shows.

Only downside, high manufacturing costs and timid marketing despite all the potential and talent that his creations conceal.

With coaching, a reduction in manufacturing costs and good logistics, a fast and profitable commercialization could be carried out within optimal deadlines and this is what we seek to bring to any project leader!

Each member of the Itihad family can have their own vision of their mission or the achievements to be undertaken, in the end whatever the path of thought taken we are all together and united with a common destination: to release the potential and sublimate the talents of the passionate Africans in order to put an end to the destructive vicious circle of will and give birth to a virtuous cycle of local development with strong synergy.

Thus Itihad aims to help you reach the right destination, without taking a detour and at an optimal, stable and fast speed while leaving you all the keys to the project. In the same way that a GPS, a turbo or a nitro will certainly not drive a car but will get it to its destination with much more ease.